Article 1: the test

The E.C.P. (Excellence Cycling Pyrénées) is organizing the first edition of a gravel event named “La Gravel Pyrénées” on September 11 and 12, 2021, under the aegis of the French Cycling Federation (F.F.C.). This gathering has a friendly vocation and aims to bring together cyclists practicing the Gravel discipline.
Several test formats will be held over the two days:
– The Gravel Pyrenees Warm Up (GP Warm Up), an unclassified hike of 25 km and 520m of ascent on Saturday September 12;
– The Gravel Pyrenees Découverte (GP Discovery), an unclassified hike of 70 km and 2100m of ascent on Sunday September 13;
– The Gravel Pyrénées Aventure (GP Aventure), a circuit with timed portions of 100 km and 3250m of ascent. 4 sections of the course will be identified as “special” and will establish a ranking.

 Article 2: conditions of participation

> Be 18 years old on the date of the event (14 years old for the GP Warm Up)
> Medical certificate of less than 12 months authorizing the practice of cycling (add mention “in competition” for participants in the GP Adventure) or current FFC license, communicated during registration.
> Only Gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes are allowed, whether electric or not.
The timed challenge will only be open to non-electric Gravel bikes.
> Wearing a compulsory helmet during the whole duration of the tests
> Compulsory self-repair necessary.

Compulsory equipment:

> Specific bike for Gravel, MTB, electric or not, in perfect condition
> Wearing a hard shell helmet is compulsory throughout the event
> Clothes suitable for practice
> At least 1 spare air chamber
> A pump
> A multitools as well as a chain tool
> Personal cup 15cl minimum (canisters or flasks)
> Minimum water reserve 1 liter
> Survival blanket of 1.40m x 2m minimum
> Food reserve
> Waterproof and breathable jacket to withstand bad weather in the mountains
> A pair of gloves
> An identity document
> Mobile phone operating on the French network (put the organization’s security numbers in your directory, keep your phone always on, don’t hide your number and don’t forget to leave with a charged battery)
> Smile and good humor

Article 3: registration fees

Registrations are made on the event site, up to 10 days before the event (closing on September 2, 2021), unless the threshold of 300 bibs is reached before this date.

Registration includes:
> Warm-Up on Saturday and La Découverte or L’Aventure on Sunday
> The exclusive collector’s gift from the first edition of “La Gravel Pyrénées”
> The meal on Saturday evening (accompanied by a good local bottle beer offered) and the local snack on Sunday noon
> The supplies
> The Sunday morning coffee starter
> The loan of a timing system for the GP Aventure
> The Finisher gift for participants in La GP Aventure

Registration does not include:
> Consumption with exhibitors
> Rental of equipment from our partner Cycl’in Pyrénées


• 2-day Discovery Pass: € 67.55
62.5 € for early-booking registration before May 31
> Registration fees included on the platform of our partner Bike’N Connect

• 2-day Adventure Pass: € 77.5
72.50 € for early-booking registration before May 31
> Registration fees included on the platform of our partner Bike’N Connect

Article 4: departure times

In accordance with current legislation, the organizer has taken out civil liability insurance when registering for the event with the FFC. The event is organized by the E.C.P. (Excellence Cycling Pyrénées). This civil liability insurance guarantees the financial consequences of its liability, that of its employees and of all participants in the La Gravel Pyrénées events. This takes effect only during the duration of the event, for participants regularly registered and checked at the start and until the finish.

Regarding the civil liability of participants, the intervention of this insurance is limited to accidents that they could cause to third parties during the course of the sporting event. In addition, this guarantee will be used in addition to or in default of other insurance from which they could also benefit.

Individual Bodily Accident: it is up to the participants to protect themselves and to be in possession of individual accident insurance covering possible research costs. Licensees must check with their Federation that they are well covered for bodily injury incurred during their participation in this type of event.
Otherwise, it is in their interest, as well as that of non-licensees, to take out suitable insurance, see insurance offer offered by the FFC or the insurer of their choice.

Damage and Material Liability: neither the organizer nor his insurer cover damage that may be suffered by participants’ material and equipment, in particular in the event of a fall or theft. It is up to everyone to insure themselves or not against this type of risk with their insurer. The participants acknowledge that the organizers are not responsible for monitoring personal property or objects in the event of theft or loss. Objects, accessories or bikes given to third parties during the event (member of the organization or not), will be under the sole responsibility of the participant.

The organizer declines all responsibility in the event of an accident caused by throwing any object, container, food, document, paper or litter on the route. In the event of an infringement, the competitor will be solely responsible at his own risk at the penal level, but in addition, he will be solely responsible for accidents in which he is the author or victim directly or indirectly.

 Article 5: departure times

La Gravel Pyrénées Warm Up: 4 p.m. (Saturday 11/09)

The Gravel Pyrenees Discovery (70 km): 7:30 am (Sunday 12/09)La Gravel Pyrénées Aventure (100 km): 7 a.m. (Sunday 12/09)

Article 6: time barriers

Time barriers will be provided on the route to limit travel times. The final timetables and places will be communicated to the participants when they collect their bibs.

Article 7: route markings and GPS tracks

The Gravel Pyrenees Warm Up (GP Warm Up): fully marked route, the GPS track can be downloaded from the site in the days before the event.

The Gravel Pyrenees Découverte: route not marked, the GPS track must be downloaded from the site in the days preceding the event.

The Gravel Pyrenees Aventure: route not marked, the GPS track must be downloaded from the site in the days preceding the event. Only the timed stages will be marked, the entry and exit gates clearly identified.

Article 8: endowments

The awarding of prizes will take place on Sunday 12 September 2021 after the arrival of all the participants of the two events. No lot can be exchanged, refunded or sent. No rewards will be made in cash.

Article 9: commitments of participants

The Gravel Pyrenees is an eco-responsible event. By taking part in the event, participants agree to:

> be respectful of other participants, organizers and people outside the events (hikers, passers-by, etc.);
> do not throw litter on the course and use the garbage cans made available for supplies;
> take care to respect the instructions given by the organizers, given at the start or on the course;
> drive at a speed that can never endanger them, themselves or the other participants;
> provide assistance to anyone in difficulty on the course and notify the organization as soon as possible.

 Article 10 : droit à l’image

Tous les participants à La Gravel Pyrénées autorisent expressément les organisateurs ainsi que leurs ayants droit tels que partenaires et médias, à utiliser les résultats et les images fixes ou audiovisuelles, sur lesquelles il pourrait apparaître à l’occasion de l’épreuve, sur tout support y compris les documents promotionnels et publicitaires, dans le monde entier et pour la durée la plus longue prévue par la loi, les règlements ou traités.

Plus exactement en matière de droits d’auteur par les dispositions législatives ou réglementaires, les décisions judiciaires et/ou arbitrales de tout pays ainsi que par les conventions internationales actuelles ou futures, y compris pour les prolongations éventuelles qui pourraient être apportées à cette durée. Informatique et Libertés : Conformément à la loi informatique et liberté du 6 janvier 1978, vous disposez d’un droit d’accès et de rectification aux données personnelles vous concernant. Par notre intermédiaire, vous pouvez être amené à recevoir des propositions d’autres sociétés ou associations. Celles-ci pourront être utilisées, cédées, louées ou échangées notamment pour les opérations d’informations commerciales, les résultats, et la presse. Si vous ne le souhaitez pas, il suffit de nous écrire à cette adresse mail: contact@gravelpyrenees.com en nous indiquant votre nom, prénom, adresse, email et si possible votre numéro de dossards.

Article 11: safety and health

Volunteers will be distributed along the route to ensure the safety of the most delicate intersections on the public highway. Participants must scrupulously respect their instructions, including the temporary stop if necessary.

Rescuers and a medical organization are scheduled for the two days of the event.

The organization will adapt its program and the reception of the public to the recommendations on the day of the ordeal, dictated by the government in connection with the epidemic of Covid-19.

Article 12: modifications and cancellation

In the event of bad weather or a major constraint event, the organizers reserve the right to modify the courses or cancel the events if no fallback solution can be envisaged or if the safety of participants comes to to be doubted.

Article 13: complaint

Any complaint must be presented to the sole director of the event, who will be the sole judge of the action to be taken and any penalties. Any interpretation or complaint concerning the event, the regulations or its application must be sent, in writing, to the organizer, indicating the name, first name, bib number of the competitor, and should be sent to: contact@gravelpyrenees.com, within 30 days of the announcement of the results. After this period, no claim will be accepted. No telephone request will be answered.